Day Fifty (!) – The beginning

The end of inception
begins with the creation
of childlike design and led
by the unearthing of intention.

Just a little fantasy in time
where that composed;
the genesis of larger visions
arising from ashes.

Out of chronology,
the composition ongoing
more thoughts evolving,
a hypothesis fleetingly stands,

but quickly edges toward
the promise of fulfilling
a dream tale intimation,
commencing with a fertile imagination.

It can not be abandoned
or ever suppressed, ideas are forming
inside this peculiar head;
day dreaming of paradise instead.


* Stay tuned for a little piece on the end of the 50 Day Project.

Day Forty-nine – The night before

On the eve

of the beginning

is a frantic quiet

anticipating dreams to come

and those now past

a little lucidity

consciousness now awake

clarity now alive

wanting to create

finding a syncopated rhythm

learning more each day

hearing those rhapsodic voices

assuring me of exertion

precluding an exhaustive fulfillment

in the unlikely of times

that brings a little peace

and verve to a climb

in this, my simple life.