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Just ask Geeves

I feel a bit whimsical this evening 🙂

Just ask Geeves

Go on, just ask Geeves
What do you want to know?
How the universe came to be?
Perhaps, your life is a little slow?

The ultimate question?
Are you trapped in a box?
Are we destined for heaven or hell
or perhaps just traveling in yachts?

Just ask Geeves,
it doesn’t take that much
worried about your ego today?
No probs, he has already, mostly forgot.

Concerned about your timing?
Don’t worry he has so much
wisdom surpasses,
 and grows
in all that come to touch.

He is quiet, 
but has wisdom
which he’ll whisper in your ear,
tickling your chin and nose
with his little, furry beard.

Just ask Geeves,
He is cuddled on your bed
Along with other furry animals
That go by the name of Ted.

50 Poems a Day Project – 10 Key Learnings

So it is finished – 50 days, a poem a day.

Many might look at this and think big deal, a poem a day sounds easy enough. I know I have met other bloggers who have done it for longer. My sincere respect goes to them.

For me it was a big thing because I was writing in a style I cared very much about but I hadn’t devoted anytime too over the past few years. This was something I had to do. A sojourn to discover if this was it for me. I was also putting myself out there without training wheels on – no practice! The anonymity of the blogging world helped make this less real, but it was still difficult.

MANY THANKS to everyone who has begun following me throughout this period. I will still be writing poetry and will post as I can. All the comments, suggestions and support have really encouraged me. I am very thankful for finding this blogging world to really motivate me again and share the journey with other like minded souls. The talent out there is not to be underestimated and should always be encouraged.

For those thinking of undertaking a similar project, or are just curious, here are my learnings:

1. I live in a busy house, finding 15 minutes of ‘me’ time is not such a simple thing. Some days I had to compromise.

2. I wrote when I was sick – and I mean really sick – complete with fever and muscle aches whilst trying to assist a sick toddler and an infant. This was a hard week.

3. I wrote when said toddler and infant had ‘bad’ days/nights – I think any parent can understand these challenges. Particularly those who are raising poor sleepers.

4. I wrote when I had writers block. This pushed me to write things I otherwise wouldn’t have. I had back up material lying around in unforeseen circumstances such as any of the above happened. I didn’t use this once. I realised this would prevent me from pushing myself and figured it was cheating against the task and myself. I had to keep going even when it was hard. Sometimes this produced good work, sometimes not.

5. I had to let go of perfection. On average 15 minutes including editing and posting, doesn’t leave much room for error. Some days this extended to 25 minutes, some days only 5. This was my capacity. I had to learn to deal with it.

6. Time frames are really motivating – and debilitating. Some days they work against you. When I remembered, I could think of material for a poem alone (admittedly in the shower is the only ‘me’ time I have) and often it is before coffee so my brain is not usually switched on heh.

7. I made a mistake – a big one. Halfway through I decided to enter a poetry competition. A really big deal kind of competition. I began focusing on this poem too much and the quality of my 50 days work was compromised over this period. And the poem for the competition also suffered – in fact I never even submitted it!  One project at a time grasshopper!

8. Writing poetry is what I need to do. It is no longer something I will do “when I get time”, it is no longer something I can just put off until the kids are bigger, till I am not working, till my husband is less busy. To me this is like breathing. It is part of who I am and I want to do more.

9. I need to improve. I still have a long way to go. I need to cement my editing processes and concentrate on accuracy going forward.

10. I had to give up something else. In such a busy house I couldn’t fit this in. Over this period exercise went out the window. I do need to find a balance here. I know this will be better when Husband is less busy.

** KEY LEARNING – I will be putting the above into practice but will be self publishing a poetry book about Tasmanian Life. Planning will commence immediately with details to come. It is a big project but I am very much looking forward to it. I am not sure what this means to my daily poetry, but I will have to figure something out. The practice is integral to my work.

So there you have it. If you are thinking about starting a similar project – I encourage you to do it. Now. Don’t over think, just do.

Thanks for listening 🙂

Day Fifty (!) – The beginning

The end of inception
begins with the creation
of childlike design and led
by the unearthing of intention.

Just a little fantasy in time
where that composed;
the genesis of larger visions
arising from ashes.

Out of chronology,
the composition ongoing
more thoughts evolving,
a hypothesis fleetingly stands,

but quickly edges toward
the promise of fulfilling
a dream tale intimation,
commencing with a fertile imagination.

It can not be abandoned
or ever suppressed, ideas are forming
inside this peculiar head;
day dreaming of paradise instead.


* Stay tuned for a little piece on the end of the 50 Day Project.

Day Forty-nine – The night before

On the eve

of the beginning

is a frantic quiet

anticipating dreams to come

and those now past

a little lucidity

consciousness now awake

clarity now alive

wanting to create

finding a syncopated rhythm

learning more each day

hearing those rhapsodic voices

assuring me of exertion

precluding an exhaustive fulfillment

in the unlikely of times

that brings a little peace

and verve to a climb

in this, my simple life.

Day four – Dream

Day dreaming
of your beauty
that curses my imagination,
a little grace
a wave of allure.

For I will follow your obscurity
into the moonlit dusk
and before dawn,
I will awaken with a smile.

Gathering my thoughts
of verve and temper,
the spirit will sing eternal
of a courage abounding.

Resting in the essence
of a whisper souring,
the unrequited touch
that taunts what is gone.

Kiss goodbye the delusion,
light fades the imagination,
the rain begins shattering
a small indiscretion of mind.

It is but a little hope
that impassions my plea
and trails me along
for all you can dream.