Starting with me..

I am not a still person. I have always been guided by the next goal and the continual pursuit of satisfaction.  I tend to flounder without direction and usually I am driven by the next project.

It wasn’t until after I finished my Masters (whilst becoming a mummy and working full time) that I started listening to those nagging voices about continuing my writing interest.

All those little poems, stories and scribbles I had created in various notebooks over the years began singing loudly.

During a creative writing course in 2011, an idea started to form. The kind of idea that wakes you in the depths of the night with thoughts racing through your brain, and suddenly you are fixated on a dream.

Ideas, which you know need time, effort and your focus, are suddenly wild and vivid and at that moment are surely going to change mankind for eternity (heh).  Unfortunately these pockets of genius tend to fade quickly unless they are nurtured or receive due attention.

When I became a mother, I realised that (unfortunately) I can’t always stop and focus on these moments.  That between raising a child, running a household, work and then becoming pregnant again, that the creativity of dreams vanish as quickly as they arrive.

These moments are now replaced by a toddler wanting to play tea parties at 6am or coming home from work to find the little piles of housework are now turning into rather large mountains, or trying to get a two year old to sleep when she is certain monsters and dinosaurs are lurking in her bedroom.  Or working in communications and finding the motivation for creative writing, diminishes after hours.

Or also being 33 weeks pregnant with child No 2 and hoping I can get some me time – even if it is 11pm and I really should have been in bed hours ago.

These things are now my priority.

The freedom I had in my 20’s is now superseded by these responsibilities.

But that is ok.

But it is time that I focused on this.  I’m writing about what I love: my home, my family and the natural environment.  I’m a thirty something year old content with family life but eager to pursue my dreams.

I only have to peek out the window and see a bit of the River to remind myself I can still get lost in dreams and I still have as much passion for nature as ever.

I like to laugh a lot, talk a lot, and walk a lot. I think deeply and can spend much time in day dream land.  I express myself best through verse.

I guess you could say I am a bit of a poet nerd.

Oh and my favourite writer is Tolstoy.

Hopefully you made it through to here: the start of my unknown beginnings.


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