Elephant Journal – published article

Hey Folks,

I feel honoured to have one of my articles published in Elephant Journal – “why you matter.”

This is an important topic for me – in the ongoing fight against depression and in overcoming those feelings of worthlessness we all have from time to time. If you have a spare five minutes..



Miriam x


12 thoughts on “Elephant Journal – published article

  1. This is lovely and perfect for my readers at Gifts in Open Hands. Is there a chance I could reprint it without doing the magazine version …. your original essay? Maren

  2. Miriam, I love this article because all the small things you listed are what really matter. It doesn’t make you insignificant at all if one person is changed. It stays with you a real long time, whether it’s you or the person you’ve helped. I’m going to email you something I thought of while reading ☺️ Congratulations, by the way ❤️

  3. Beautiful message and beautifully written, Mim… Thanks for sharing it with us. I have seen smiles, so easily given, change a person’s whole day and most likely is passed on to another… Great article…
    Hope your day is most beautiful….

  4. Of course you matter Dear One. There would no other reason for your being. I loved your article. The toughest thing about my job is the constant conversation and often brash people. But when I just be myself through it all, my goal to give them one good reason to laugh or smile, then somehow the scenario usually changes. It when nothing works, I put on my invisibile bullet proof vest, do what I have to do, and move on. Congrats on the publication.

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