The boy and the bush

This week I have been inspired by poets such as Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson – great Australians from the 18-1900’s. Their work has been published widely with many seeing their poetry as timeless. I personally love that they provide a window into early modern life in Australia. If you get a moment find: “The Man From IronBark”. It is rather fun!

So I had a little tinker with a bush ballad (very poorly I might add). But I have to say I enjoy writing in this style immensely 🙂

The boy and the bush

A young lad sailed out of Sydney
To make a new life in the bush
And arriving in the land of *Van Diemen’s
His hope raised on landing his tush.

Around the green pastures and mountains
He found a young happy go wife
His children joined him soon after 
clambered the hobby farm life.

For a while he was joyously droving
Across the wide open lands
But love for the country became sun burnt
much like his rusty stained hands.

He tried to fix gates with some gaffa
For that’s what the city boys do
But he quickly learned in the country
That wire even fixes the loo.

Then the fires and drought came swiftly
To tear down the life he had made
He began to dream of city time living
Without all the spiders at bay.

So he took a plane back to the city
And in only a moment or two
He remembered how much the air stifled
And how pollution did thickly anew.

His heart missed his family and farm time
The acres and warm belly hearts
For in this Man’s little time dreamland
The fire still burns on his hearth.

*Tasmania was first known as Van Diemens Land


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