Alone she sits,
on the street way
hidden in shadow;
crowded, afraid.

But the world she watches
passes her by
engrossed in their hurry
immune by her plight.

Just another beggar
forgotten by time
a tambourine for love
a dime to get by.

But the voice when she sings,
fills the heaven above
carving through dust and dirt
and pausing the doves.

You ask,”how did she get here”?
only heaven does know
remember the fallen angel
may have wings still to grow.


5 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Reblogged this on Chasing Pirates and commented:
    Sad and lovely. Also thought provoking, because “fallen angels” are all around us. In fact, I would bet each and every one of us has been (is? will be?) a fallen angel at some point in our journey. We have the power to lift each other up, every day.

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