Just ask Geeves

I feel a bit whimsical this evening 🙂

Just ask Geeves

Go on, just ask Geeves
What do you want to know?
How the universe came to be?
Perhaps, your life is a little slow?

The ultimate question?
Are you trapped in a box?
Are we destined for heaven or hell
or perhaps just traveling in yachts?

Just ask Geeves,
it doesn’t take that much
worried about your ego today?
No probs, he has already, mostly forgot.

Concerned about your timing?
Don’t worry he has so much
wisdom surpasses,
 and grows
in all that come to touch.

He is quiet, 
but has wisdom
which he’ll whisper in your ear,
tickling your chin and nose
with his little, furry beard.

Just ask Geeves,
He is cuddled on your bed
Along with other furry animals
That go by the name of Ted.


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