Summer is here

Good evening from Tasmania.

It has been some time, but my poetry course has now finished, which means I am able to reconnect with my little blog. It is a relief that I can finally focus on this and catchup with all the work of fellow bloggers and poets. Trying to stay on top of the poetry course, work, a teething one year old and a handful of a three year old was a little too much. So I had to prioritise.

Thankfully I now have much material for my poetry book and I am planning trips to different parts of Tasmania so I can immerse in the surrounds and let motivation fall on the page. Thank you for all the kind words whilst I have been away. I will be following up with people as I am able.

Summer is here – and in typical Tasmanian fashion, it has arrived with the usual entourage of winds, blue skies and storms – always exciting to have four seasons in one day πŸ™‚ But the beauty of the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race inspired this poem for a Summer in down, down under.

Summer is here

There may not be any snow or deer,
but Christmas is always time for cheers;

white wine and beer
on a sunny day,
this little paradise
is but a ship away.

They come to see,
bringing their sails,
tall masts and brights colours,
alight with some tales.

For all those who venture
outside in the vines,
to views coastal retreats
and hug friends dropping by.

To this biggerΒ isle
(a haven to stay),
for summer down, down under
is quite simply a way,

to live in the now
but reflect on old times;
for summer in Oz
is simply divine.


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