Missing You

I have unintentionally taken almost three weeks off writing poetry. It was meant to be just two: Two weeks to review 50 days, two weeks to write on other parts of my blog, to have a break with my family and to think/plan/ponder ideas for my poetry book.

Then I had a little operation and an infection which kept me at bay for another week. And I started back at work. Apologies, I have missed my blog terribly.

On the flip side, I have commenced planning my book’s content and I am having fun talking with Tasmanian photographers and staking out sites and destinations to write about.

Self-publishing feels like a very natural step forward, but at the same time I conversely feel like a nobody, embarking on the huge adventure with a high potential for failure.

I’ve had fleeting moments of horror when I realise the enormity of the task, primarily, what if I don’t do my home justice? But I figured as long as that one person enjoys my book, I will have succeeded.

I realise that I need mentoring on poetry, self publishing and editing. As luck would have it, my University is running an intensive poetry unit over the next month. It is run by a lovely Tasmanian Poet so the experience should be both enjoyable and educational. It starts tomorrow! I also need to start submitting work into magazines and publication, so I have been researching local and national poetry magazines to see where to start. I have no idea if I am good enough, but I have to at least try!

Which made me think how much I am missing the actual work, so here is a little quick note..

Missing my verses,
their sweet little touch

missing my writers
who encourage me so much

missing the voices
of all those that count

missing the fortitude
of little dreams that mount

missing ideas aspiring
from my head onto page

must pick up my dreams again
tomorrow is a brand new day.


9 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. I have hated the self-publishing, or otherwise. The editing sends me into a frenzy. I like poetry or short shorts much better. I feel that my foray into the Ebook forum has become a dead end. I think I only wanted to find a way to get my writing out there but blogging has done that better I think? Not sure. Oh, well, best to you on your adventure!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have heard mixed reports about self publishing. But it is a good first project to focus on. Ask me at the end of the experience and I’ll let you know if I decide to focus on blogging instead (a forum which I love).

  2. Paul Lenzi, an excellent poet here on the blogs, wrote a great post about self-publishing and he’s had super-good success! You might want to check it out–PoesyPlusPolemics is his blog (if I got that right).

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