Day Twenty-seven – Nursery Rhyme Whimsy

I lament a little nursery rhyme
of elephants and sheep,
a little mouse trapped in a house
and a cat with a violin so sweet.

But in this modern age,
I keep hearing of sticks and stones
for the millionth time in the nightly reads
I have some thoughts and learnings of my own..

What about happily ever after?
I know a piggy or three,
who’d be quite happy with bricks and mortar
and a shotgun with them at tea.

I also met a delicate Dumpty
who was rather scared of walls,
he really should sit on a bench
and wear a stack hat to prevent his falls.

Then, once upon a little time
I craved a muffin or three,
I found a man living in Dury Lane
who was overworked and wished to be free.

Ah of course the little star at night
does twinkle very bright,
but I never wonder what you are
for your remote incandescence shines bright.

And finally Miss Muffet
what is it with you and your tuffet?
surely a little curds and whey, could
help frighten a little spider away?

So there you have it my story
of a nursery rhyme or two
which I found from the safety of my iPad
and googling a thing or two.


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