Day Twenty-Two – Heart blood

I woke up this morning
with blood on my heart.

The reflection in the mirror
blurred by ignorance.

For in my dreams
I let the innocent perish.

As I watched evil occur
and dumbly I remained silent.

As I watched the memories of the living
become helplessly tainted by cruelty.

And my inertia, passivity and soundless
voice was placed forefront on earth.

And my neighbours mimicked my actions
and we continued our lives in deathly reticence.

And as I watched, the rest of the world
destroyed itself from within.

Today I must rephrase time,
and the ending of our demise.

I must begin to help the needy,
the poor and those forsaken.

To speak up for those that
need guidance and comfort.

Provide aid and assistance
with my skills and two hands.

And fight for the slaughter of the
innocent and repressed that continues.

It merely begins with one.
Can you help?


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