Day Twenty – The burn

The burns are there
scratched in gold
forever imprinted
scathing the existence
of your once forgotten talents,
smouldering on the
philanthropy of your weakness.

The fire now gone
just the heat remains
powering on chars
that are a reminder
of your fragility:
the addictive vice that forever wins.

Denial and black memories
keep it all in check
for all that remains are
the broken pieces of you.

But my friend remember,
I will pull you from the dark
refuse to let you fall
will keep you persevering
and encourage you through it all.


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty – The burn

  1. Hi Mim… I’ve been spending time on your site again this evening. I love “The Burn”. It’s beautiful. If everyone had a friend like that, we’d all sleep better at night. I don’t know how you’re turning out such quality poetry every day, but it seems to work well for you.

    1. What a lovely compliment – it means so much to me that you like it πŸ™‚ I don’t really know if people like my work as I’ve never shared it before – this is new to me. I basically have a spare 15 minutes a day where I just sit and write, but I am often thinking about what I am going to write about during the day. If only I could give up my day job and do this permanently πŸ™‚

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