Day Sixteen – Connections (a collaboration)

My first collaboration with Julia from  Thanks so much Julia for offering to do a piece across continents. It has been a wonderful experience!


Another world
just a while away
bonded by a collective
thought: share stories to light
hope in souls where loneliness
exclaims, you will always be unsought.

Hope with more imaginings
whispering a little dream thought
for tomorrow and beyond
where the rooted truth,
rain or shine continues growing.

You are loved beyond
the shadowy doubts
you believe to be your frame,
and your grace will
delicately flourish,
smoothing out the rain.

You will see sun shine
light, through your veiled lids,
opening fragrance sweet
and bright for all we have to give.

The dawn may always rise
and the morrow always be
but today is what we have,
for the loss of yourself to grieve.

Find blessings along the way
it is only one daydream drenched in lies:
you’re more than just a shipwreck
you will burn brighter than the skies.

You must look in, up & out at the light.,
you are treasured soul,
our connection brings us closer
to a bigger light that glows,
where once this world began black,
now we are at home.


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