Articulated Intersect from the Hobart waterfront
Articulated Intersect from the Hobart waterfront

It’s cold.

Not arctic cold, or minus 40 degrees Russian cold. But ‘Australian’ cold. In Tasmania, this means temperatures are dropping below double figures (celsius) and I feel a distinct cold cheek slap when I step outdoors –  particularly when our usually hot sun disappears behind a cloud.

Which’s hot chocolate by the fire/lazy Sunday brunches/I’m just looking for any excuse for good conversation and food indoors, type weather. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a bit of a food and wine buff and I love sharing this gluttonous past time with family and friends.

Food aside, the part I really love about winter is rugging up and stepping outdoors to experience a crisp, winters day!

And the event that really excites me and makes forget the usual daily tribe of “how we are going to increase warmth in this little house now that we have two children” and “do we have time/money to put in more underfloor insulation darling”, which is what our usual conversations sound like, is one of my favourite winter festivals. Dark MOFO.

Articulated Intersect from the waterfront
Articulated Intersect from the waterfront

Brought to you by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Dark MOFO describes itself as an art and cultural, food and wine event. dWhatever you see it as, the packed program really brings the (usually sleepy at this time of year) Hobart waterfront alive in June. Check out details here

One of the exhibits that captivated the whole city was the nightly light show. Ever since last years ‘Spectra’ I was eagerly awaiting this years offering – Articulated Intersect, an interactive light installation designed by electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. This large public light installation involved eighteen search lights that patrons manipulated to bring alive the Hobart night sky from dusk until dawn. It provided a fabulous back drop for entertainment and conversation.

From Mt Nelson
From Mt Nelson

With the weather staying clear it really was a perfect time for wandering around the Hobart waterfront soaking up the atmosphere surrounding the event. It helped lift spirits and provided a platform for other exhibits to join in the festivities – without being part of the MOFO program.

So..don’t use the excuse of it being cold during winter. Love it. Embrace it. Enjoy the excuse to don a puffa jacket and step outdoors. You might find something a little bit different..

Incredible spotlights
Incredible spotlights

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