The South Hobart Rivulet

The pretty trail
The pretty trail

I will promise not to let my current obsession with autumn leaves monopolise every post.

But, as it is such a stunning time of year, I do feel obliged to mention the beauty of some large oaks found alongside the Rivulet Track in South Hobart.

It is quite special that such a peaceful and private walking trail, with some rather picturesque woodlands, can be found so close to the proximity of the CBD.

But just outside the skirts of Hobart’s business centre, you will find this little pathway.

The history of this 2.7km waterside trail goes back to 1860’s when the Rivulet was one of Hobart’s primary water sources (for more info visit

The trail can be started from just outside town where it heads upwards towards the foothills of Mt Wellington.  Almost immediately you will notice some supremely beautiful trees alongside the rivulet banks. There are a couple of lovely spots with some well placed park benches where you can stop and admire the scenery – indeed I observed many folk with picnic lunches doing the same.

If you continue up the track you will pass the C3 Church – a perfect place to stop for a cuppa. It also has it’s own playground which is great for kids!

Strolling further, you will come across the Female Factory – a convict heritage property established in the 1820’s to reform female criminals. Well worth it’s own expedition. For further details visit

And if you want to keep going you will eventually get to the Cascade Gardens – a rather hidden but pretty park, which lies next to the Cascade Brewery – the perfect place to stop for a beer.

So there you have it history, beauty and beer all in one trail. I definitely don’t recommend you do all of this in one day!

How to get there..


Rivulet trail
Rivulet trail
The Rivulet
The Rivulet

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