Ever since I can remember, I have always associated the sound of twinkling ivories with family. You see, growing up in a household filled with musicians, my world was forever soaked in the sounds of piano, guitar and violin. ABC classic FM was always playing in the background and any notable annual event such as Christmas and Easter were accompanied by some type of musical performance.


It is perhaps no surprise then that along the way of my own personal musical journey, I formed a lifelong connection with a music teacher, Denita. To me (and most likely many others) her name is synonymous with memories in music and happiness. This can mostly be attributed to her warmth, kindness and bubbly personality. When this is combined with her own musical talent, it produces a magnetic teacher that possesses the key to inspire and encourage her students in developing their musical acumen. I know my confidence in playing blossomed under her guidance and for that I am forever grateful.

Her lessons weren’t just a tuition in learning an instrument but the encouragement on why we wanted to learn and what we wanted to achieve. Along my musical journey I went through many personal challenges and she provided a legacy of experience to assist, often with our lesson times creeping over as we continued chatting about war and peace.

If ever you were to visit her home, you would be welcomed into a foyer that holds the start of wooden steps. Steps that I have always enjoyed climbing as they carry the ambiance of keys trotting happily away with the promise of wonder that music provides. These steps also hold secrets to her other joys – including overseas travel and her children. Filled with photographs and artworks from her adventures, they reveal her many overseas relatives, that her knowledge of languages spans French and German and that she is very family orientated.

It is no surprise that she has raised two wonderful children who have both very successfully followed her footsteps in the arts and entertainment industry.

It is no surprise that Denita was one of the first of my Tassie friends to assist me with the interviews.

She is a source of inspiration to many and yet is a quiet achiever.

So here is my wonderful friend and mentor with my first interview..


Where are you from?
I am from Hobart.

What is the craziest thing you have done?
The craziest thing I have done is para-sailing.

What would a stranger notice about you?
That I am tall and slender.

What do you do?
I teach violin and piano.

What are your top three places in Tassie?
The summit of Mt. Wellington — love the views to all directions.
Lake Pedder — love the stunning landscape of lake and mountain ranges and
Nutgrove Beach — love the views of Mt. Wellington sweeping around to the city and across to Eastern shore.

What would you like to see in Tassie? And What do you love about Tasmania?
I would like to see Cradle Mountain. I love the dramatic scenery in so many places and the fact that living in Hobart one can have access to the beach or go to top of mountain within minutes.

What is one thing that people don’t know about me?
I would love to do narrowboating.


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