Dru Point Bicentennial Park – Margate

Being a parent isn’t always about parks and indoor play centres, but, they do play an integral part of raising children. So when you find a gem of a playground in a beautiful locale, it can quickly become one of the regular household activities.

Situated about 20 minutes south of Hobart in Margate, is the beautiful, riverside Dru Point Bicentennial Park.

It has been thoughtfully laid out with areas including, an enclosed play section, tennis courts, walking tracks and a small kiosk – perfect for all the sleep deprived guardians hanging out for a coffee fix.

The enclosed playground has a large and access friendly slide, pirate ship and sand pit. Alongside these are child size percussive equipment and unique musical instruments, which are great for kids to beat away happily and make their own sounds.

Inside this area is the convenience of two BBQ facilities, which means no more running around a park to keep an eye on the littlies. These are popular, but can be booked for $5 through the Dru Point kiosk on (03) 6267 2539.

But the pièce de résistance is the fabulous mini bike track, complete with road markings, roundabouts, and little operational traffic lights. Miss three is a keen scooterer and bike rider and can spend at least an hour riding around this again and again and again (and falling asleep in the car on the way home).

The park falls under the realm of Kingborough Council and is one of the best playgrounds in the area.

Don’t forget the children’s bikes, scooters and helmets!

The bike area
The sand pit
The big ‘instruments’

Dru Point Park, Margate Tasmania


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