Autumn in St David’s Park

I’ve mentioned before that I am a mum. Like most mums, you do expect that sleepless nights are just part of the territory much like spew marks on shirts, limited time to oneself, blocked ducts (don’t ask) and a sudden interest in children’s bowel movements.

However, it would seem that both my children have taken sleeplessness to extremes, particularly our youngest, Master 4 months.

Sleep is a natural function he has lacked since birth – mostly due to a rather unfortunate dose of reflux and colic. So once his waking surpassed 10 times a night and I could barely read a clock without questioning either hand, it was time to be administered into the Mum and Baby Unit at St Helen’s Hospital.

Some might say that sounds really awful, but actually it has been fabulous!  He has begun medication and although progress has/is slow we are down to five wakeful periods during the night. Hooray! A lovely team of midwives have been incredibly patient and persistent in settling our little man – allowing me the chance to have a break and not feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall 24/7. Calorie fueled food is provided (without preparing or washing up) along with the luxury of time to myself and walks outside.

Fortunately our little stay inside the hospital also coincides with one of the mildest Autumn weeks in Hobart for over 50 years. With a team of midwives caring for our little man, I have been afforded little pockets of time to wander into the CBD which is surrounded by some of the loveliest parks you will find.

So it is at a rather unsettling and strange period in my life, that I have been lucky enough to enjoy a soulful Tasmanian Autumn. Most days I can wander downhill to St David’s Park. A beautifully proportioned inner city green yard, which is notably stunning at this time of year. This little patch of paradise is wedged between popular Salamanca Place, the Supreme Court, Sandy Bay Road, and busy Davey street – so one could easily walk by it without taking the time to go through it.

But make sure you do.

It is a timeless park with a meaningful history and ethereal beauty.

The golden, earthy tones of Autumn and crunchy, leafy, snowflakes quietly blanket the ground which as a reformed cemetery, gives the area a silent musing. Although the last burial was in 1870, by 1926 it became a public park. Most of the graveyard remains were moved to the Cornelian Bay Cemetery and the remaining headstones were reinstated along a wall at the lower part. (For more information visit

In recent years it has also become home to popular events such as the Hobart City Councils annual Christmas Carols as well as Jazz concerts and other community gatherings.

If you happen to be in the CBD take 10 minutes to stop and appreciate the beauty. This time of year passes quickly.

St David's Park
St David's Park and Mim
Me at the park
The Wall
The Wall

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