Blackmans Bay


Perhaps it was the subconscious need for seeing the river that drew me to settling with the family in the little riverside area of Blackmans Bay.

Or perhaps it was our house that we knew was ours as soon as we walked in: the house which encapsulated two years of searching, that ticked the most boxes, that provided the charm, character and warmth of a family home.

Originally, convinced we needed to stay within city proximity I thought the drive “too far”.  That with my husbands work hours and mine, it made sense to stay in the inner city suburbs. But the quiet riverside area captivated me and now adjusting to the “drive”, I laugh at my Tasmanian mentality that if something is more than 10 minutes drive it must be too far.

The drive into our street is framed by the sprawling River Derwent view which certainly provides a comfortable setting and peacefulness – often which is hard (although admittedly perhaps less so in Hobart) to replicate by inner city living.

The beach is more than a ‘nice place to visit’: it provides the crashing of waves rolling away as I fall asleep or the roar or the sea when the weather turns. This picturesque setting has the views, bayside walks and just the right balance of modernity with two restaurants that face out into the water.

You can see a light house on a little island which provides the perfect backdrop to the boats that come down the river. The cliffs that border and protect the beach seem oriented as though they are the still of a painting – perfectly jugged but sufficiently aesthetic to please even a critical eye. It is here on the beach, where Miss Two finds herself with bucket and spade for digging holes and building castles that always fall under her formidable, giggling hand. It is a pleasant quiet beach where we can play appreciatively in the outdoors (and of course finish the outing with a babycino treat to finish up).

Moving here at the start of winter, I’ve been fascinated by the changing seascape. From days where the skies have been black and angry to days the sun is bright and no cloud exists. The views seem a constant change that always makes me reflective and appreciative of this place. 

When Miss Two is sleeping and I am able to escape, I find myself drawn to walking the cliff side paths and breathing in the saltiness so for just a moment I can forget about work and all the modern pressures.

It was here one day that I made another discovery, a blowhole hidden from the main drag and echoing all that blowholes do.

It was here that the little family parked one night to view the most impressive aurora we’d ever seen. We’d chased the big lights around Tinderbox, the suburb further up the road, to find this magical setting which, with the right camera (damn it) and the sights and sounds of the picturesque setting, was a truly an awesome way to view the green light show.

It was here we witnessed the monumental beauty of a mother whale and her baby play peacefully for hours much to the joy of the enthralled onlookers.

It is here I feel comfortable and content with making a riverside area home.


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